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FreeFactFinder was created in order to bring the works of the legendary writer Barkham Burroughs into the context of the 21st century. Mr. Burroughs published his epic 'Encyclopaedia of Astounding Facts and Useful Information' back in 1889, when people cared about things like penmanship, walking correctly, putting up pickles and stewing eels. We believe that people nowadays have gone somewhat astray in that they tend not to stew their eels correctly, nor do they exercise proper care when putting up their pickles. It is for this reason that we beckon the web junkie of today to harken to Mr. Burroughs' wise words, so that 21st century marine life might have the benifit of being stewed as it ought to.

All of Mr. Burroughs great and lofty discourses are of course in the public domain. Copies of his original work are still available, and a quick google search ought to reveal their approximate whereabouts. Please write to us at FreeFactFinder.com with your views on penmanship and such matters. A forum is coming soon so that all you chaps out their can have your say. In fact an entire new version of the website is coming soon - so keep your eyes peeled!

Please be sure to read our disclaimer.

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