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Definition of Schwiz

Schwyz (50), one of the three original cantons of Switzerland, German speaking and Catholic; Lake Zurich forms part of the N. border, and Lake Lucerne part of the S.; Zug with its lake is on the W.; is mountainous, but good pasturage favours cattle-breeding, sheep and goat rearing, &c.; important industries in cotton and silk are carried on; Einsiedeln, with its famous monastery, attracts thousands of pilgrims, and the Rigi is a favourite resort of summer visitors. The capital (7), same name, is prettily situated 26 m. E. of Lucerne.
- Wikipedia

  • A canton of Switzerland.
  • A town in Switzerland, the capital of the canton of Schwyz.
- The Nuttall Encyclopedia

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The correct Spelling of this word is: Schwyz

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