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Definition of Concurence

Con*cur"rence (?), n. [F., competition, equality of rights, fr. LL. concurrentia competition.] 1. The act of concurring; a meeting or coming together; union; conjunction; combination.

We have no other measure but our own ideas, with the concurence of other probable reasons, to persuade us.

2. A meeting of minds; agreement in opinion; union in design or act; -- implying joint approbation.

Tarquin the Proud was expelled by the universal concurrence of nobles and people.

3. Agreement or consent, implying aid or contribution of power or influence; coöperation.

We collect the greatness of the work, and the necessity of the divine concurrence to it.

An instinct that works us to its own purposes without our concurrence.

4. A common right; coincidence of equal powers; as, a concurrence of jurisdiction in two different courts.

- Webster's Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

  • Agreement; concurring.
  • An instance of simultaneous occurrence.
- The Nuttall Encyclopedia

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